Most Powerful Torrent Client Available

Hermes is a latest generation p2p file-sharing application written in Java, compatible with BitTorrent allowing you to add multi-tracker information to the torrent and to add hashes for other networks (Gnutella, eDonkey2000).

You can use either a Hermes embedded tracker or an external tracker.

It is designed to connect to multiple networks at the same time. Enough with the big words now! What does it do FOR YOU ? – do you want MOVIES, MUSIC, GAMES, E-BOOKS and other ? Well, HERMES is what you need – it will help you download all the great stuff you want faster than ever before and you will NOT have to pay for it – MOREOVER, NO ADS will upset your download experience!

  • Wizard Configuration
    User choose a preferential mode setting – beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Provides Disk Cache
    speed limits, peer exchange, proxy for tracker and peer communications, IP filtering
  • Share Ratio Indicator
    Customizable Interface, Fast resume, Health Indicator for downloading torrents
  • UPnP
    Allows the automatic mapping of ports on UPnP enabled routes

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